Current Job Openings

APPLY HERE: Trained Graphic Designer with Digital Marketing Experience

We are hiring a trained graphic designer with digital marketing experience, including Facebook Lives, video capabilities, content writing, photography, project management, social media organic and paid advertising, automated marketing and CMS experience. Google Analytics experience would be nice but not required. You must live within a 40-mile radius of Lake Geneva and be able to work in-office Monday through Friday.

About Us

Concept Design Group (CDG) is a casual, modern website and digital marketing agency. Our Core Vision is to build a successful company with employee ownership that is a great place to work and provides superior digital services to improve our customers' businesses.

CDG's Vision is embodied by the following Core Values, which drive everything we do.

1. Cutting-edge knowledge, proven processes for handling customers.

2. Reliability: Honesty, integrity, transparency and accountability in all we do.

3. Service: Creating unsurpassed, customer-first experiences.

4. Dedication: Tenacious, competitive and diligent team members responsible for the life of a project from start to finish with minimal oversight.

5. Great Place to Work: An environment that fosters personal freedom and flexible hours, with employees who embrace the company's vision and core values.

6. Team Work: Willing to collaborate kindly and contribute to the work of others to further the vision of the company and get the job done right.

7. Process-Oriented: Adhere to inter-company processes, policies and procedures.

CDG is a Mac-based work environment with a full kitchen and dog-friendly environment housed in a fully equipped home office with plans to build a new facility in Lake Geneva, WI underway. We believe in health and encourage mini exercise breaks and healthy eating. Qualified employees are eligible for flexible hours and periodic/extended remote work. No health insurance offered.

If this sounds like the kind of work and environment you're after, we'd love to talk to you. Work with us; we are good people and love what we do.

About You

We are drawn to candidates with a variety of skills in different disciplines. Don't be afraid to tell us what you don't know.

Location: We are in Lake Geneva. You need to live in Wisconsin, within a 40-mile radius of Lake Geneva, and be close enough to work in-office Monday through Friday.

Knowledge Acquisition: You know how to look things up on the web. You can research a customer's business area even if you know nothing about it.

Writing: You know how to write content and customer communications.

Customer-Focused: You're not shy about answering the phone to talk to a customer. You can make technical concepts easy to understand for those who are not tech-savvy.

Teachable teacher: You're smart and love to learn new things. You seek and take advantage of learning opportunities and are glad to teach others what you know.

Trustworthy: This is the trait we value above all else. You do what you say you will do and own your mistakes. You are a person of integrity and your word.